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Crown Drilling, Inc. aims to provide quality work utilizing proven drilling practices in the drilling market without compromise to health, safety, and the environment.  It is the goal of the company to achieve a greater reputation for safety, productivity and competitive pricing through both turnkey and daywork operations.  Crown Drilling is committed to delivering to its customers a competitive pricing plan along with qualified personnel to get the job done in a safe and timely manner.



Crown Drilling is a small independent turnkey drilling contractor based in Lafayette, LA.  The company was formed October, 1, 2003 when the principals, Andy Simon and Matthew Turlak acquired the assets of the reputable DBL Drilling & Production Services, Inc.  Since the inception, Crown Drilling has successfully drilled 126+ wells (72 turnkeys and 54 daywork).  They employ 75+ field hands.

It is the policy of Crown Drilling, Inc. to comply fully with all laws and regulations affecting employee safety and health, and to communicate the hazards of the work place to employees and contractors who may be exposed to such hazards in their work environment.  The policy includes drug screening, pre-employment physical policy and post accident testing for each of our employees.

Due to the niche marketing efforts and expertise of the owners in the industry, they anticipate continued long term success targeting medium range depth wells.    

Crown Drilling provides turnkey & daywork services for drilling, completion, and workovers of oil, gas, and injection wells.

  • Vertical wells to 14,000’
  • Deviated holes to 13,000’
  • Disposal wells
  • Re-entries
  • Abandonment
  • Front end engineering
  • Project management

Feel free to contact us for a bid to drill your next well.  We are confident you will be completely satisfied when the log is delivered to your company representative.


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